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Here you can see all my finished projects!

Semiotic macro keypad

Published on 2022/10/28 @15:22:56 by vigilante sculpting

Here are the final images of the macro keyboard. I'm pretty happy with how this came out, it is perfect for a one-handed keyboard, and ... 

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Underwater encounter

Published on 2022/06/06 @12:34:32 by vigilante sculpting

This is a handmade mixed-media diorama. The figures are hand-sculpted in greenstuff and fimo, at around 75mm scale.The mine is scratchbuild from fruit packaging, bits ... 

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Published on 2021/10/12 @10:58:41 by vigilante sculpting

This is a little diorama of Judge Dredd, based on the amazing work of Simon Bisley. I remember seeing a poster of the SB piece ... 

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Looks melted

Published on 2021/09/09 @09:43:08 by vigilante sculpting

"Somebody must have bagged one of Ripley's bad guys" I love Aliens , and this is my tribute to H.R. Giger , James Cameron ,and ... 

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Dog soldier

Published on 2021/08/30 @13:05:00 by vigilante sculpting

This is a genetically modified cyber dog soldier, with a big gun. 28mm scale, using greenstuff, apoxie sculpt, fimo/sculpey and milliput. UPDATE: I've given him ... 

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Published on 2021/08/19 @15:01:24 by vigilante sculpting

This is my scratcbuilt Stormblade tank. Based on a paper template from Eli Patoroch, I constructed most of the body out of cereal box, paper, ... 

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Vanilla Joe Pineapples

Published on 2021/02/05 @23:58:00 by vigilante sculpting

This is a sculpt I did of Joe Pineapples, the ultra cool sniper from 2000AD's ABC Warriors. Based on the awesome Prog 787 ( alternate ... 

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Land Raider upgrades

Published on 2020/12/08 @11:49:00 by vigilante sculpting

A bit of rework of my original papercraft Land Raider , my first project. Here are some comparison photos, with the original on top and ... 

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Published on 2020/12/04 @15:02:00 by vigilante sculpting

This was a quick fun one: I decided to do a mutating Tetsuo Ork to contrast with my heavily-Akira-inspired Kaneda Ork... 

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Ork biker, done!

Published on 2020/11/06 @17:40:00 by vigilante sculpting

Obviously heavily inspired by Akira, and in particular Kaneda's bike: this is an Ork on his red racing rocket bike. I like the dynamic pose, ... 

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Ready to Ride!

Published on 2020/10/08 @12:05:00 by vigilante sculpting

This is a small diorama piece inspired by a painting by Kan Liu(666K信譞) on Artstation. The painting is called "Tying hair and getting ready" , ... 

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Sister of Battle Bust

Published on 2020/10/04 @20:21:00 by vigilante sculpting

What started off as a bust inspired by a drawing by T zzzzz青椒右司 ,later turned into a Sister of Battle Power Armor bust. Mostly sculpey, ... 

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Ultranauts, assemble!

Published on 2020/08/14 @15:15:00 by vigilante sculpting

These are some of the first miniatures that I sculpted. I refer to them as the Ultranauts, with the brave but clumsy space captain Ace ... 

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Published on 2020/08/14 @15:15:00 by vigilante sculpting

Looking for MEAT.This is an 18mm (to the eyes, if it had any) tall figurine that I sculpted out of mostly greenstuff. Went for a ... 

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Hunter Killer

Published on 2020/06/23 @11:42:00 by vigilante sculpting

The lone Dreadnought moves silently through the dark swamp, searching for signs of it's prey; a wounded ork.You can run, but you can't hide… Scratchbuilt ... 

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