Ready to Ride!

Published on 08/10/2020 @12:05:00 by vigilante sculpting

This is a small diorama piece inspired by a painting by Kan Liu(666K信譞) on Artstation.

The painting is called "Tying hair and getting ready", and you can see more of Kan Liu(666K信譞)'s work here.

I aimed to convey the feeling of the heavy bike hovering, with the girl slightly leaning to keep her balance. The diorama background is a first for me, with the foreground blending smoothly into the background, and prodiving an almost 3d effect behind the figure.

I decided to give the bike and cyborg parts of the girl a shiny chrome finish, as a homage to the chrome airbrush artwork of the 80's. Hajime Sorayama (NSFW) is also a big influence here.

Everything in the diorama is hand-made. The girl and bike is constructed with apoxie sculpt and greenstuff over an armature of wire and plastic bits, and the backdrop is made from chipboard, cork and foam. The girl is 37mm tall to eye-line, and the entire diorma (including backdrop) is 175mm tall.

Step by step (Steps 1 thru 8 of 8)

These are the posts I made during the making of this project, in chronological order


Biker girl

Published on 2020/08/28 @16:34:00 by vigilante sculpting

I've been working on a couple of things at once, mostly sculpting, since I have the tools, clays and putties out. Here is one of [...Read More]

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Desert background

Published on 2020/09/07 @17:01:00 by vigilante sculpting

I've started working on the bases a bit, for biker babe I want to have her sitting on a desert plain, with some scenery in [...Read More]

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Ready & Primed

Published on 2020/09/14 @11:34:00 by vigilante sculpting

And here is the primed biker girl. She will be a lot lighter in the final paint job, the black and white just make it [...Read More]

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Desert backdrop, painted

Published on 2020/09/23 @19:36:00 by vigilante sculpting

I've started painting the backdrop for the biker girl. I figured I couldn't muck it up too badly, and can always go back and fix [...Read More]

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Published on 2020/09/24 @11:27:00 by vigilante sculpting

Started adding some reflections to the bike. Rough as guts right now, and the photo quality isn't great, but it illustrates where I want to [...Read More]

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More reflections

Published on 2020/09/29 @12:24:00 by vigilante sculpting

This is still very much wip. The chrome reflections need smoothing out, I need to add some bursts of white reflections, and the girl needs [...Read More]

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Pose change

Published on 2020/10/06 @09:58:00 by vigilante sculpting

I have been working on smoothing the paintjob on biker girl. Also, I pivoted midway and decided she needs to look over her other shoulder, [...Read More]

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Ready to Ride!

Published on 2020/10/08 @12:05:00 by vigilante sculpting

I've now gone over the skin again with matte medium (which gives it a more satiny look), and touched up the hair and skirt, fixed [...Read More]

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