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Prime time

Published on 2023/10/17 @12:24:44 by vigilante sculpting

The warrig construction is finished! Nothing like a good prime to show off the skulls and greeblies, and tie it all together: ... 

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Cow mover

Published on 2023/09/29 @23:09:39 by vigilante sculpting

Some work in progress shots of the cow mover on the War Rig. This was some interesting on-the-fly work, and is very satisfying. The cab ... 

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Building the tank

Published on 2023/09/26 @12:00:54 by vigilante sculpting

Building the tank took two tries. The shape is generally a flattened cylinder, but it has a tapered section about 1/4 from the front. You ... 

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Semiotic macro keypad

Published on 2022/10/28 @15:22:56 by vigilante sculpting

Here are the final images of the macro keyboard. I'm pretty happy with how this came out, it is perfect for a one-handed keyboard, and ... 

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Underwater encounter

Published on 2022/06/06 @12:34:32 by vigilante sculpting

This is a handmade mixed-media diorama. The figures are hand-sculpted in greenstuff and fimo, at around 75mm scale.The mine is scratchbuild from fruit packaging, bits ... 

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Published on 2021/10/12 @10:58:41 by vigilante sculpting

This is a little diorama of Judge Dredd, based on the amazing work of Simon Bisley. I remember seeing a poster of the SB piece ... 

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Retro ad

Published on 2022/10/28 @15:49:05 by vigilante sculpting

A crusty looking retro ad for the semiotic macro keypad . I imagine finding this in an old OMNI magazine... 

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Published on 2022/09/16 @14:21:03 by vigilante sculpting

She's got her eye-drones on you. Pencil sketch turned into digital drawing. I used a lot of watercolor brushes in Krita for this, which was ... 

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Published on 2022/09/16 @14:20:21 by vigilante sculpting

NSFW / Mature Content

Very quick pencil outline turned into a painting. I was inspired by and used a reference from Viktor Stinger's DA account ... 

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Published on 2023/09/15 @23:00:37 by vigilante sculpting

I've built myself a vacuum former, in order to make thin-walled parts for my gaslands War Rig . Here is a short YouTube video showing ... 

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DIY Tentacle roller, take 2

Published on 2020/10/29 @10:13:00 by vigilante sculpting

Previously I made a tentacle roller out of those novelty lenticular cards that you get from souvenir shops. This makes for some great tentacles, but ... 

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DIY Foam cutter

Published on 2019/10/08 @11:58:00 by vigilante sculpting

Or, how to shave a yak. I built a basic foam cutter table over the past weeks. The cutter table measures 15" x 10", and ... 

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