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Sculpting D&D minis

Published on by

My eldest recently started playing D&D, and I asked the DM whether the group of players would like custom minis for each of their characters... 

Dreams of Mars

Published on by

"Of what then do you dream, when you are out there on the surface?" "I dream. That is all". Quick pencil sketch turned into a ... 

Recon mech

Published on by

Chicken-legged spy mech, ence the big eyeball. For some reason almost all of my mech drawings have chicken legs. I blame Robotech... 

Sue Storm

Published on by

Sue Storm fanart, done with some reference. I wanted to get the fact that she is both the Invisible Woman AND she has some super ... 


Published on by

A colored pencil sketch of Adriana Lima, using a pin as reference ... 

Knight Industries Two Thousand

Published on by

"A shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist" Here's my Pointiac '82 '84 Fireboird-to-KITT conversion. I am very happy ... 

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