Hi, my name is Chris. I've been drawing from a young age, always as a hobby, and got into scratchbuilding and sculpting in 2018.

I love science fiction, and the world of miniature sculpting, building and painting is a really creative and inspiring space to be in. A lot of my inspiration comes from wargaming, and early TV shows that I grew up watching, including Robotech, Star Trek and Buck Rogers influence me greatly.

About the content

On this site you'll find a bunch of my creations, including the miniatures that I've sculpted and painted, and sketches that I draw and paint. A lot of it is traditional media, but I am doing more digital drawing as I go on.

Some of the posts will be marked NSFW/Mature Content. These will be clearly indicated and I won't post explicit parts of these sketches on the front pages.

About the site

This site is statically built from source, using a python script called bubble.py It allows you to use pure python to generate structured HTML, using chains of calls and with-clauses so that the code and the HTML structure follows each other closely. It runs pretty fast too, reading in my blog content and re-generating my entire site in 2 seconds on my MacBook Pro.

The static site is hosted on Github Pages, using a Namecheap domain.

All my newer images are hosted on Imgur and Artstation. Some of the earlier content first appeared on my previous blog at vigilantesculpting.blogspot.com, and some of the images I use are still hosted there.

Other content appeared on the coolminiornot.com and papermodelers.com forums. I try hard to link posts back to their original occurences. If you find any link breakage, please get in touch.