Sculpting D&D minis

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My eldest recently started playing D&D, and I asked the DM whether the group of players would like custom minis for each of their characters.

They happily agreed, and we sent some emails back and forth to discuss each player's character, their appearance, race, class, significant details, etc.

Then I got to sculpting. This was heaps of fun, and quite challenging, since I was not sculpting something that I came up with, but rather working with constraints and ideas that someone else provided.

The smallest character is about 4ft tall in-game, and the tallest character is about 7ft tall. So I also tried to keep the figures in proportion to each other. This was tricky, since the Owlin figure came out at around 21mm at eye-level, and I had to cram a lot of detail in there.

Here are the sculpted minis:

From left to right we have

  • Raven, a Tiefling artificer, with a large gold bangle on her right arm, carrying a dagger and a scroll. Raven is about 33mm tall at eye-level.

  • Smoky, a Tabaxi barbarian, who wields a large glaive. He is about 40mm at eye-level.

  • Cricket is an Owlin who has glasses and reads from a tome, and is about 21mm at eye-level. Cricket's glasses are not glued on yet, since it has nice round eyes that I would like the player to be able to paint.

  • Fence, a Tiefling/Satyr druid, with a rabbits-foot and puch attached to a yew staff, and a missing eye replaced with small mushrooms. Fence is about 36mm at eye-level.

I am going to present these to the players at the next session, and hopefully we can organise a painting session so that they can bring their characters to life!

Here are the characters again, with a ruler for scale: