Scratchbuilding a Land Raider

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Hi everyone,

for the last couple of weeks I've been scratchbuilding one of Eli Patoroch's Land Raider models (the Land_Raider_II_2009 model). It's a mixed-media build, using about 80% papercraft.

For paper, I'm using a mixture of printed card stock (199g/m^2), thick card (from cereal boxes) and thick cardboard (from some packaging).

I'm adding plastic rod to some areas, such as the hinges on the doors, and I plan to use a fair bit of it on the weapons. I might use some apoxie sculpt to fill in some hard-to-patch areas, but that'll come later.

The most obvious departure from pure papercraft is in the tank tracks: I built a couple of these out of a mixture of the index card and cereal boxes and again the plastic rod, then made a mold using silicon caulk, then cast it using casting plaster. So while not pure papercraft, I did use papercraft in the process.

Enough talk, here are some pictures of the initial construction:

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