Mod Max

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I picked up a Mod Speeder, and modified it for Gaslands. This thing reminds me of Mad Max's Pursuit Special, so that is what I went for, with the large open trunk filled with scratchbuilt tanks and gas cans, with a rolled up blanket on top, all secured by rope.

The cool thing is that when you open the car up, the backseat has a large dog and a small dog on the back seat. They are impossible to see with the car (and windows) as-is. So I painted them up too. They are still not easy to see (or photograph) but you can catch a glimpse of them in the last photo.

For this car, I experimented with replacing the windshield with a pane of transparent plastic. I think it turned out well. This makes the profile of the "glass" much thinner and a tad more realistic. It is finnicky to work with though.

Here are the doggies on the back seat: