Furiosa's WARRIG

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Here it is, Furiosa's War Rig!

This is a Hot Wheels-scale scratchbuild of the war rig from Mad Max Fury Road. It started off with a fire engine from Thomas the Tank Engine, which I ripped apart and completely converted, then used a custom-built vacuum former to shape the Chevy Fleetmaster on the back of the truck, built the entire tanker from card, and finally 3d-printed the wheels. For dessert, I sculpted some tiny skulls out of greenstuff, and added these in nests of plasticard shards.

It fits the war rig definition used in Gaslands, which was the original goal of the build.

As with all projects, I decided to call it good for now. I can keep on tinkering with this thing forever, but I do have other projects that I want to get to.

Here are some focus-stacked shots. This thing is really long, and keeping it in focus at this scale is pretty hard...

Some more beauty shots:

Some of the skulls on the trailer, in their spikey nests:

The cab can detach from the trailer

The interior is fully painted, but alas the windows are very small and you can only just see the steering wheel with the skull on it.


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