Underwater encounter

Published on 06/06/2022 @12:34:32 by vigilante sculpting

This is a handmade mixed-media diorama. The figures are hand-sculpted in greenstuff and fimo, at around 75mm scale. The mine is scratchbuild from fruit packaging, bits of plastic rod & card. The bubbles are cast in tinted water clear polyurethane resin, from a master built up from sculpey and desiccant spheres. The whole diorama (including the background) is about 30cm tall.

I've had this idea for an underwater diorama for some time now, and finally finished building and painting it all up.

Everything is about contrasts here, from the mermaid who can swim freely to the encumbered diver, to the exposure and covering of skin to the colors and textures, to the contrast between the feminine figures and the mechanical mine.

It is meant to be wall-mounted, but I have made a small stand for it too.

Edit: Added some more photos with a white background, showing the structure of the diorama

Step by step (Steps 1 thru 5 of 5)

These are the posts I made during the making of this project, in chronological order


Underwater mine

Published on 2021/04/22 @11:54:00 by vigilante sculpting

On another note, I got some plastic chain delivered, and started laying out an underwater diorama featuring a hefty mine. I want to add two [...Read More]

Diver & mermaid update

Published on 2022/01/26 @13:16:36 by vigilante sculpting

A slow-rolling update on the diver & mermaid diorama. The cat got to the mermaid, but luckily only dropped the figure off the table, so [...Read More]

Underwater painting

Published on 2022/03/02 @17:30:39 by vigilante sculpting

Made some progress on the diver & mermaid diorama, with some first shades and an attempt at color: I am not 100% sure about the [...Read More]

Mermaid repaint

Published on 2022/05/23 @16:04:32 by vigilante sculpting

I was unhappy with the previous progress on this, so I decided to re-prime and start over, beginning with the skin on the mermaid and [...Read More]

Diver & mermaid, painting progress

Published on 2022/06/01 @14:33:28 by vigilante sculpting

Some updated photos of the diver & mermaid diorama. I had previously gone with a darker and dirtier greenish seawater look, and especially on the [...Read More]


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