Published on 19/08/2021 @15:01:24 by vigilante sculpting

This is my scratcbuilt Stormblade tank.

Based on a paper template from Eli Patoroch, I constructed most of the body out of cereal box, paper, index card and chipboard. The functioning / movable tank tracks are individually cast resin pieces from paper masters, drilled and linked with wire. The guns and greeblies on the tank are cast from mixed media scratchbuilt pieces. The main gun is built from card and sculpey.

The tank commander is a sculpt made from greenstuff, fimo and milliput.

The side-mounted guns can all swivel, and the main gun is mounted with a magnet and can be removed / swapped.

Painted up in the livery of the 11th Heavy Armor regiment of the Death Korps of Krieg, plus I added a fair bit of weathering, using oil paint washes and pigments.

All in all, this project took a total of 5 months to complete. Construction took about 4 of those.

Step by step (Steps 1 thru 21 of 21)

These are the posts I made during the making of this project, in chronological order


Starting on a new project

Published on 2021/03/23 @12:24:00 by vigilante sculpting

We've been away for a week, getting out of the city and clearing our heads, so I haven't been hobbying too much. However, I started [...Read More]

Wheels n' hubs

Published on 2021/03/25 @11:29:00 by vigilante sculpting

A small update on the wheels/tracks/chasis of the Stormblade: because I want movable tracks, I have created lots of small problems to solve :) The [...Read More]

More progress

Published on 2021/03/29 @11:45:00 by vigilante sculpting

I've finally figured out how to make the sides of the tank strong yet accessible, so I started painting the insides (especially the recesses, where [...Read More]

Stormblade Greeblies

Published on 2021/04/02 @16:50:00 by vigilante sculpting

On the Storm Blade front, here are some of the finished greeblies I built: The finished headlights: Some hull plates: The top of the turret: [...Read More]


Published on 2021/04/06 @10:11:00 by vigilante sculpting

So far so good: the tracks can link up and flex: _ The jig I built around my little homemade dremelclone, so that I can [...Read More]

Starting to look like something

Published on 2021/04/12 @12:34:00 by vigilante sculpting

I've made a fair bit of progress on the tank - it kinda works like that, slow going on the masters, then once the molds [...Read More]

Main gun

Published on 2021/04/16 @17:13:00 by vigilante sculpting

Starting work on the main gun: Lots of ribbing for extra… plasma? I made the ribs from sculpey, which I rolled out with a large [...Read More]

Stormblade assemble!

Published on 2021/04/22 @11:53:00 by vigilante sculpting

Here is a mockup of the current state of the Stormblade. I have one length of track assembled, and the wheelbase is ready, but it [...Read More]

Turret weapons

Published on 2021/04/28 @15:36:00 by vigilante sculpting

I added the bolters and lasguns to the side mounts. The masters are constructed from bits of plastic tubing (drinking straws, etc) and bits from [...Read More]

Internal rework

Published on 2021/05/06 @12:05:00 by vigilante sculpting

So it is that part of the project again. You know, the part where I change my mind and tear things apart because I finally [...Read More]

Starting on detail work

Published on 2021/05/13 @10:56:00 by vigilante sculpting

I think I've finally figured out out how attach and position the wheels to the tank. At the moment the wheels (and tracks) are still [...Read More]

Mindlessly riveting

Published on 2021/05/17 @13:57:00 by vigilante sculpting

So, after spending a countless number of evenings in a state of absolute mindlessness, placing little dot after little dot all over the tank, the [...Read More]

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Tank commander

Published on 2021/06/02 @15:39:00 by vigilante sculpting

So I've been thinking about what color scheme / army my Stormblade belongs to, and initially I thought I'd go for a DKOK unit. I [...Read More]

Tank commander, done!

Published on 2021/06/03 @12:45:00 by vigilante sculpting

Finished up the commander, I think I will stick with him, he's grown on me: And here he is on the now-primed tank: Now the [...Read More]

Stormblade, all primed up

Published on 2021/06/09 @21:09:00 by vigilante sculpting

Here is the completed primed thing. Next up, painting time… [...Read More]

Laying on the basecoat

Published on 2021/06/14 @17:32:00 by vigilante sculpting

Started laying on some base colors. Aiming for a blue/gray gradient, which should go well with a red rust and a light brown dust mix [...Read More]


Published on 2021/06/21 @11:19:00 by vigilante sculpting

I tinted the whole thing a bit darker and more neutral with a bit of Payne's gray. Spent some time on sponge and brush chipping, [...Read More]


Published on 2021/06/28 @10:15:00 by vigilante sculpting

Here are some more photos, with the division number & nameplate done, and a start on some oil pinwashing to add a bit of depth [...Read More]

Happy painting

Published on 2021/07/06 @13:43:00 by vigilante sculpting

All in all I'm happy with where this is going. Started adding some verdigris, some oil stains, and just general griminess. [...Read More]


Published on 2021/08/17 @17:01:16 by vigilante sculpting

Some progress on the Stormblade, starting to get to the details. I love painting lenses. [...Read More]

Stormblade done!

Published on 2021/08/19 @15:01:23 by vigilante sculpting

Finishing up the project, it has been a great ride! Using the airbrush, I deepened the blue on the hull, and gave it a light [...Read More]


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