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All the latest stuff I've been getting up to.

Hunter Killer Done!

Published on 2020/06/23 @11:42:00 by vigilante sculpting

Here are the final shots: [...Read More]

Swampy mud & water

Published on 2020/06/21 @12:06:00 by vigilante sculpting

Been working on the dread for the last couple of days, adding some iconography and trying to refine the OSL. I also added some green [...Read More]

Hunter Killer

Published on 2020/06/11 @12:55:00 by vigilante sculpting

I painted the shoulders a bone white then washed with Payne's gray ink, to make it colder and look like the dread is walking around [...Read More]

Swamp night

Published on 2020/06/08 @12:15:00 by vigilante sculpting

I added a first lighting pass using white ink over black primer, and then glazed in some color with the airbrush, trying to see if [...Read More]

Swamp hunter

Published on 2020/06/06 @12:15:00 by vigilante sculpting

These last few weeks, and especially the last few days, have been pretty draining, I've found it hard to do more than just sit around. [...Read More]

YoRHa No.2 Type B - fanart

Published on 2020/05/22 @11:54:00 by vigilante sculpting

Some NieR:Automata line fanart. I might color it in later, but for now I like how the lineart came out. [...Read More]

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Attack of the clones

Published on 2020/05/16 @11:23:00 by vigilante sculpting

I've been cloning the power armor dude, and started hacking the bodies apart and reattaching and reposing the limbs with some greenstuff. The goal is [...Read More]

Sabre Strike Done!

Published on 2020/05/14 @10:41:00 by vigilante sculpting

The scratchbuilt baby tank is done! I added the last bits of lenses and viewports… …then started adding some dust and mud. Once done, here [...Read More]

Power armor

Published on 2020/05/12 @17:30:00 by vigilante sculpting

On another project, I have been slowly sculpting away at a Terminator-sized figure of a 2d piece I did a while ago: I plan [...Read More]

Sabre Strike colors down

Published on 2020/05/12 @17:27:00 by vigilante sculpting

I've made a bit of progress on the Strike tank: as with all my space marine gear, I'm doing a Blood Raven color scheme. Here [...Read More]


Published on 2020/05/07 @18:34:00 by vigilante sculpting

Portrait practice. Pencil from reference. [...Read More]

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Published on 2020/05/04 @17:46:00 by vigilante sculpting

Cyborg assassin - pencil on paper. [...Read More]

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Published on 2020/04/27 @15:15:00 by vigilante sculpting

This sketch started as Spacegirl, but after taking a step back and looking at that helmet I reckon she belongs underwater. Pencil sketch, scanned and [...Read More]

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Excuse me Sir,

Published on 2020/04/22 @20:51:00 by vigilante sculpting

have you hear of our Lord and Savior, Cthulex? Doodle turned into pencil + ink sketch, with a touch-up in GIMP. [...Read More]

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Published on 2020/04/16 @17:58:00 by vigilante sculpting

Working on the features & planes of the face, and trying hard to be more subtle about the shading. Pencil on printer paper, scanned and [...Read More]

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Duty. Honor. Blood.

Published on 2020/04/10 @17:10:00 by vigilante sculpting

Watching GoT right now, still in season 2 so it is still awesome lol Scanned pencil, modified in GIMP. [...Read More]

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Published on 2020/04/08 @17:44:00 by vigilante sculpting

Pencil, scanned and colored in GIMP. Colors: Scan: [...Read More]

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Published on 2020/04/07 @17:44:00 by vigilante sculpting

Some people have smiles that make you smile. Practicing portraits, pencil on index card. [...Read More]

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Goodbye Saturn

Published on 2020/04/06 @17:32:00 by vigilante sculpting

Thinking about reading pulp sci-fi novels as a kid, all with awesome artwork on the covers. My first real pulp novel was "Point of No [...Read More]

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Buck Rogers

Published on 2020/04/05 @01:12:00 by vigilante sculpting

I love retro sci-fi. Buck Rogers is a favorite. Pencil + marker, with some GIMP for good measure. [...Read More]

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Published on 2020/04/03 @07:47:00 by vigilante sculpting

Pencil & charcoal. No ink. The reference I used is Laurence Bédard @lolobe4 [...Read More]

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Published on 2020/04/03 @00:26:00 by vigilante sculpting

Test fire! Pencil, marker, grey markers + crayola classic colors. Blended the blue crayola marker with some water and a brush. [...Read More]

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Published on 2020/03/31 @12:38:00 by vigilante sculpting

Quick pencil sketch, followed up with markers. Inspired by so many afternoons watching Robotech. [...Read More]

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Published on 2020/03/31 @12:28:00 by vigilante sculpting

Another shading practice run. This time no tracing, only measured the reference by eyeball. Pencil + charcoal. The reference is from @volkonskaya.reshetova [...Read More]

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Shading practice

Published on 2020/03/27 @18:32:00 by vigilante sculpting

NSFW / Mature Content

Practicing shading of skin, using pencil, charcoal + brushpen. I really suck at this, so to practice I traced a photo reference onto a piece [...Read More]

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Sabre Strike update

Published on 2020/03/25 @13:06:00 by vigilante sculpting

I've been off painting & modeling for a bit: we have an annual international trade show every April, and work starts to get fairly rough [...Read More]

There's doughnuts in the kitchen everyone

Published on 2020/03/21 @22:40:00 by vigilante sculpting

Trying to break an Isolation-induced brain block, with a random sketch. First time trying Koi watercolor brushpens, on top of a pencil, marker and brushpen [...Read More]

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Published on 2020/03/07 @02:02:00 by vigilante sculpting

Marker + pencil experiment [...Read More]

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Sabre Strike progress

Published on 2020/02/28 @17:57:00 by vigilante sculpting

Got some more work done on the Sabre Strike tank. I have a serious cold right now, not feeling much like painting. The thoughtless application [...Read More]


Published on 2020/02/27 @18:54:00 by vigilante sculpting

My daughter wanted a drawing of Spidy. She likes it, so I'm happy [...Read More]

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Cyber. Punk.

Published on 2020/02/26 @16:57:00 by vigilante sculpting

Nothing says 90ds punk like screaming heads & neon pink lasers. [...Read More]

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Sabre Strike!

Published on 2020/02/25 @10:56:00 by vigilante sculpting

And just because I can't stand having just one project going at a time, here is another one I started last weekend: a scratchbuilt Sabre [...Read More]

Dreadnought dio update

Published on 2020/02/18 @10:56:00 by vigilante sculpting

So it is time to buckle down and tackle the paint job on the dreadnought diorama. Last night I started refining the sketch with some [...Read More]

Come fly with me

Published on 2020/02/13 @16:11:00 by vigilante sculpting

Rough sketch turned into a trip up the Krita learning curve. Bit of an experiment in retro styling, I made an old-photo-sepia version of it [...Read More]

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Chill beats

Published on 2020/02/13 @16:08:00 by vigilante sculpting

 [...Read More]

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Emergent Behavior 2

Published on 2020/02/13 @16:06:00 by vigilante sculpting

A second take on the emergence theme. Bit of an experiment, layering two sketches on top of one another using GIMP, trying for depth and [...Read More]

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Standing on the corner...

Published on 2020/02/13 @16:04:00 by vigilante sculpting

... waiting for the bus. [...Read More]

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Fire Raptor Done!

Published on 2020/02/12 @10:56:00 by vigilante sculpting

The Fire Raptor is now DONE. I took some shots last night, but my phone camera is somehow mucked up so the left half of [...Read More]

9th Company

Published on 2020/02/06 @16:30:00 by vigilante sculpting

Did another bit of freehand last night: the 9th company marking. This is located in a fairly un-weathered location (especially the one on starboard) so [...Read More]


Published on 2020/02/04 @10:16:00 by vigilante sculpting

Last night I finished the racing stripes with the Bloodraven chapter symbols on the sides. They are freehand, I've done a quick SBS for how [...Read More]

Raven freehand done!

Published on 2020/02/02 @10:10:00 by vigilante sculpting

Finished up the freehand raven last night. Pretty happy with it! The last two pics show the ripped-off bandaids masking fluid. These leave the weathering [...Read More]

Tactical Dreadnought Power Armor

Published on 2020/01/31 @15:12:00 by vigilante sculpting

A bit of WH40k-based fanart. I love the look of the older style Terminator suits, which made the occupants look like they were super heavy, [...Read More]

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Published on 2020/01/31 @15:10:00 by vigilante sculpting

Lunchtime sketch that dragged into the evening. Marker + brushpen, colorised in GIMP. [...Read More]

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Raven freehand

Published on 2020/01/31 @15:09:00 by vigilante sculpting

Started working on the raven freehand that goes on top of the Fire Raptor: [...Read More]

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Raven freehand prep

Published on 2020/01/29 @12:46:00 by vigilante sculpting

I started preparing everything last night, starting with a cutout mask to use as a guide on the bird itself. Using the mask I drew [...Read More]