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All the latest stuff I've been getting up to.

Sponson weapons, Take 3

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I wasn't so happy with the guns, plus it was a tight fit to get them to swivel, so I shortened the design, improved the ... 

Lascannon construction

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Tonight I built the new (and improved! ha!) sponson weapons. The red tube that sticks out the top will be trimmed, there is a sensor ... 

Lascannon, Take 2

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As mentioned before I don't like the standard sponson lascannon weapons much, so I'm trying my hand at designing a multimelta, using openSCAD to get ... 

Some details

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Small update: added the little radar dish, a machine spirit symbol, and started on one of the sponson canons. The radar dish is straight out ... 

Crew Hatches

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Built the crew hatches on the top (the back one still needs the last piece, I mucked it up), and attached the headlights to the ... 

Headlights and Engine Exhausts

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Added headlights and engine exhausts. The headlights are discs, the larger ones have some thin guage electric wire I scrounged from work as cages. The ... 

Track assembly

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Assembling the tracks: I used index card strips to get my centerline, then started gluing the tank tracks... 

Track molding and casting

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This post shows the tank track mold making and casting processes. I got this right through a bit of trial and error... In the first ... 

Constructing the tank tracks

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Here is the tank track construction I mentioned. I used Eli's tracks as a template, and glued the pieces to a piece of paper that ... 

Scratchbuilding a Land Raider

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Hi everyone, for the last couple of weeks I've been scratchbuilding one of Eli Patoroch's Land Raider models (the Land_Raider_II_2009 model). It's a mixed-media build, ...