Internal rework

Published on 06/05/2021 @12:05:00 by vigilante sculpting

So it is that part of the project again. You know, the part where I change my mind and tear things apart because I finally realised how I *actually* want this all to work :) Hey, I do have a plan, the plan just usually comes around a little late lol.

I cut the previously glued sidepanels off, and removed the static round constructs that I had in there before. The way I've decided to do the tracks will just not work that well with how these were.

I then constructed 2 extra wheels per track, which will take the place of the static constructs and allow the track to run much more smoothly through the hull

Here the wheels are, painted black and attached to the side panels:

And here is a shot of how these "interior" wheels will fit together with the visible outer wheels

Some more photos