Turret weapons

Published on 28/04/2021 @15:36:00 by vigilante sculpting

I added the bolters and lasguns to the side mounts. The masters are constructed from bits of plastic tubing (drinking straws, etc) and bits from a printer, plus some epoxy putty to fill in gaps etc. The lasguns are mounted on swivelling turrets, so they can go left/right and up/down. However I think I will glue the vertical axis in-place, since the guns are not well balanced vertically, so they always droop. The boltguns are mounted with magnets and the columns have a metal liner, so they can swivel left right by sliding.

At this point, the biggest thing left to do is to finish off the rest of the tracks & wheels and mount them. But there are a couple of in-between steps, and I still want to figure out if they will run smoothly.

And of course, the rivets. Lots and lots of rivets…