Mindlessly riveting

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So, after spending a countless number of evenings in a state of absolute mindlessness, placing little dot after little dot all over the tank, the riveting is almost complete.I say almost, because obviously after taking the photos I realised there are still a couple left to do.

I didn't follow the Patoroch template's riveting slavishly, and after having looked at my reference photos again, I realise that the Patoroch template has way too many rivets :)But I decided to keep them as they are, since it just gives so much lovely texture to the model.

The model is also still in a sub-assembly stage, since I need to (at least) prime and basecoat parts such as the undercarriage before gluing them in place.

It is about 95% finished at this stage. I am still considering sculpting a little commander figure (upper torso only, of course) who will be sticking his head out of the top hatch.Then I'll layer on some primer and a shaded basecoat. Promise lol. I can't wait to see it come together.

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