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All the latest stuff I've been getting up to.

XV-15 crackling stealth effect

Published on 2022/08/29 @15:02:09 by vigilante sculpting

So I've had a pair of pewter Tau XV-15 stealth units from GW for Warhammer 40,000 since about 2005. These were the first models I ... 

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Diver & mermaid, painting progress

Published on 2022/06/01 @14:33:28 by vigilante sculpting

Some updated photos of the diver & mermaid diorama.I had previously gone with a darker and dirtier greenish seawater look, and especially on the background, ... 

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Mermaid repaint

Published on 2022/05/23 @16:04:32 by vigilante sculpting

I was unhappy with the previous progress on this, so I decided to re-prime and start over, beginning with the skin on the mermaid and ... 

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Girl with a big gun

Published on 2022/04/28 @23:23:26 by vigilante sculpting

Work-in-progress 54mm sculpt of a girl with a big gun. Mostly fimo, with a bit of greenstuff. The gun is scratchbuilt from odd bits of ... 

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Mad Max

Published on 2022/03/02 @17:31:40 by vigilante sculpting

I recently picked up Gaslands: Refuelled , and started playing some games with my kids after dinner.They absolutely love it, it is always a bunch ... 

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Underwater painting

Published on 2022/03/02 @17:30:39 by vigilante sculpting

Made some progress on the diver & mermaid diorama, with some first shades and an attempt at color: I am not 100% sure about the ... 

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Queadluun Rau casts for sale

Published on 2022/03/02 @13:39:27 by vigilante sculpting

I've put a couple of resin casts of my Queadluun Rau model up for sale on etsy .There is a limited number of casts available, ... 

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Comments are now live

Published on 2022/02/15 @17:37:29 by vigilante sculpting

Zarjazz! Posts and projects now have a button where you can leave a comment. All comments are sent to me via email, so you don't ... 

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Published on 2022/02/07 @17:32:07 by vigilante sculpting

The Queadluun Rau unit is complete. Here are the final shots of the model: And here is the glamor shot: I'm very happy with this ... 

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Diver & mermaid update

Published on 2022/01/26 @13:16:36 by vigilante sculpting

A slow-rolling update on the diver & mermaid diorama. The cat got to the mermaid, but luckily only dropped the figure off the table, so ... 

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Refining the Panzergirl bust

Published on 2022/01/03 @14:14:24 by vigilante sculpting

After receiving some excellent critique from CyAniDe over at CMON, I've started refining the features on the panzer girl's face, aswell as smoothing some of ... 

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Progress on the Queadluun Rau mech

Published on 2022/01/03 @14:13:18 by vigilante sculpting

A while back I started on a rough sketch of my favourite mecha of all time, the ZentraediQueadluun Rau suit flown by the female warlord ... 

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Diver and mermaid

Published on 2022/01/03 @14:02:06 by vigilante sculpting

I've been making some progress on an idea that I have had kicking around for quite a while. The idea is an underwater diorama, where ... 

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Published on 2021/12/14 @15:34:45 by vigilante sculpting

I'm recovering from shoulder surgery on my dominant arm right now, so not much happening on the hobby front.Still, I made some progress on the ... 

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Published on 2021/11/18 @17:53:23 by vigilante sculpting

I'm revisiting a bust I started in July 2019. The way I ended up messing up, then retouching and finally leaving the bust never felt ... 

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