Gotta have some wheels

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I looked high and low, but could not find the right size truck tires for my War Rig in my bits box. I have made custom tires from beads in the past, but with larger size tires getting an accurate centerline becomes more important, and I didn't want my War Rig to have too much of a wobble.

So I turned to 3d printing: our local library has a couple of free-to-use Dremel FDM 3d printers, and I set about using OpenScad to design some truck tires.

This is the result I came up with:

Printed out, they look suitably rugged, have a semi-bulging wall, and have properly sized center holes. From these I made some single casts, as well as gluing the tires together to make double wheel casts.

Here's a sneak peek at the wheels on the War Rig's cab:

You can download the tire design files here