Shaving some yak

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Furiosa's War Rig is built up out of a number of different vehicles. The cab has the back of a Chevy Fleetmaster attached to it, and the tanker has some odd bits and pieces as well as a very recognizable VW Beetle body.

Since my local source of Hotwheels is my local grocer, I don't get to pick and choose what I want.

All this means I need to dhave me some yak. Specifically, I built myself a vacuum table.

So I sculpted and cast a replica of the Fleetmaster in resin, and used the vacuum table to create some thin-shelled copies of the Fleetmaster, which I could then attach to the cab.

To make the replica Fleetmaster, I started with a rough approximation in sculpey:

Then I made a mold and cast a copy using monster clay. The clay is much easier to scrape smooth, and cut smaller details out of, such as the windows, headlights, etc:

I made a second cast copy out of monster clay, and reworked it by cutting it up and adding to it until I got the rough shape of a VW Beetle out of it:

Next, I cast these in resin, and then used the resin casts as bucks to vacuform a couple of copies. Here's a peek at what the fleetmaster shell looks like:

Yep, I'd call this yak properly shaved.

PS: Why did I not just make a solid resin cast out from the Fleetmaster mold? I plan to build the cabin interior out, so I needed the open space...