Kenner B-wing + Roy Focker

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A while back (5 years, ok it has been a minute) I picked up this Kenner B-wing for free from a garage sale. It is in fairly used condition: the canopy is missing, the battery compartment hinge is almost torn off, the "firing sound" motor is munged up and useless (not the greatest loss), but most importantly the s-foils are gone (and one of the connectors has been damaged).

I got to play with it a bit - it is a great toy, with the retracting landing gear & s-foils (even if they are missing) and the rotating cockpit. Check out the ad for it...

While playing, it struck me that a certain little figurine that I got as a kid would fit this scale very well. In fact, I even think both the B-Wing and the figurine are from around the same year!

The figurine in question is Roy Focker from Robotech. He likes his new ride, don't you think? Mmmm, what to do, what to do...?