Knight Industries WIP

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Here we go. Got an '84 Pontiac Firebird, which is close enough to an '82 that I can't tell, and you know what that means :)

Here is the thing disassembled. Easy peasy.

The cool thing about the interior is that it has a free-floating steering wheel. I haven't seen many of those on Hotwheels cars. However, the dash needs to be extended, and the seats moved back, so the steering wheel, as pretty as it is, has to go.

Here's the original body, stripped of paint

And here's the first major modification: I have to cut deep to get the slot for KITT's famous cylon eye.

To extend the front, I added greenstuff over a temporary shape of plasticard, which will leave a slot for the headlights to go into.

After this cures, I cut the greenstuff into shape, then add the lower fender (plasticard) and add more greenstuff for the nose.

Installing the new headlights into the slot.

Finally, I move the seats back by cutting out a part of the rear seats, and extending the sides, filling out the seats and dash with more greenstuff.