Alternate Delorean

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Been working on an alternate reality time machine from Back to the Future.

Instead of a Delorean, Doc Brown used a Dimachini Veloce. This is fitting, since the Veloce is a fictional car (at least in this reality. I'd like to think there is an alternate reality where this cool car exists!).

To be perfectly honest though, I used the Veloce because my local grocer had one. Also, Hotwheels Deloreans can be hard & expensive to come by. And it has a very similar layout to the Delorean, except for the gullwing doors of course...

It's been a hell of a lot of fun putting this together so far. I opted for fixing the wheels in flight mode, and building a heavy-ish display stand for it. I've used some greeblies from previous projects as a starting point for the engine, and scratchbuilt the cooling vents on the reat, a MrFusion and the interior along with a tiny flux capacitor, all using styrene. Cabling on the outside is done with greenstuff.

I plan to add a thin windscreen, so that the flux remains visible.

Here are some photos of the build:

Construction almost done, added the flux bands

Wiring the flux bands with solder. This is great, because the solder is super flexible but solid once CA'ed in place. it adds that elegant curve to the flux bands.

Posing on the display stand:

From the front, showing the flux capacitor between the seats

Top view , showing the engine details and dash

Rear, mwith ore engine details. You can see the tiny alarm clock on the dash

Rear again, showing off the vents