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Published on 18/10/2018 @11:22:00 by vigilante sculpting

Slowly getting somewhere on the painting. I want to post this update otherwise it feels like I'm stagnating

Some of the fine details (the aquilla/twin-headed eagle, sensors and windows) are done, as well as the burnt-metal on the multi-meltas, and the blood-gem on the main gun's raven. I've started on (a beginner's attempt at) OSL on the front headlights, these will have a bluish tint to them.

I still need to do a bunch of highlighting on the main body, and a bit of weathering. And of course the whole thing is still shiny from the gloss coat I put on before this step - it'll get a good matte varnish coat after.

The main sore-thumb however is the two doors on the side. I got sick of the bleached bone / orangey color, so I re-based them dark blue, and then added a brushed-on pre-shade. I'm layering this with lighter coats of grey-white now, then I have to do the details…

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