Mixed-media Patoroch Dreadnought

Published on 12/10/2018 @00:04:00 by vigilante sculpting

Since my Land Raider has a lot of staring-at-the-walls-waiting-for-the-paint-to-dry going on, I decided to start working on another of Eli Patoroch's models: the Dreadnought.

This is definitely not a box-with-some-panelling: it is tiny, and the leg structure is funky, with lots of angles.

I'm adding in some plastic bits, at this time only to replace the boxy leg-tubes from the original version with something that has more texture.

The last pic is just a mock-up, using some bluetac to keep everything together. The lower legs still have to be trimmed to size, before adding more details.

I plan to keep almost all pieces separate until the very end, because I've got something different planned for this model.

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