Fire Raptor

Published on 12/02/2020 @10:56:00 by vigilante sculpting

This is my mixed-media scratchbuilt Fire Raptor.

It is put together using paper, card, bits of plastic straw, greenstuff and lots of glue. I started with a template and modified it as I went along.

I tried to stay fairly true to the stock Forge World Fire Raptor look, but there are some subtle and some not-so-subtle modifications.

The build has a fully decorated interior, and has a number of working hinged features, including

  • the rear ramp,
  • top hatch,
  • cockpit canopy,
  • wingtip VTOL jets and
  • ailerons.


  • The ballturrets can swivel left & right and can angle their barrels up & down. The landing gear is removable.
  • The base is scratchbuilt using a shaped plexiglass rod.
  • The pilot and gunners are cast from a master model I made out of greenstuff.

No kits were bashed in the making of this model.

In all this build took me the better part of 2019, and is now finally finished in a Blood Raven 9th Company color scheme.

Step by step (Steps 1 thru 34 of 34)

These are the posts I made during the making of this project, in chronological order


Fire Raptor

Published on 2019/01/09 @00:10:00 by vigilante sculpting

I'm putting together a scratchbuilt Fire Raptor gunship , based on a template which I downloaded from . It is mostly papercraft, but I [...Read More]

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Fire Raptor, wip

Published on 2019/01/12 @01:18:00 by vigilante sculpting

Making some progress on the Fire Raptor. The template i have is a good base to work from, but there are several errors and issues [...Read More]

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Published on 2019/01/14 @14:27:00 by vigilante sculpting

Adding some greeblies to the interior of the Fire Raptor: There's more over on the build log [...Read More]

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Published on 2019/01/16 @11:53:00 by vigilante sculpting

Working on the cockpit. Someone wants to go for a ride. Buildlog entry here [...Read More]

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Interior detailing part II

Published on 2019/01/18 @15:40:00 by vigilante sculpting

Further work on the interior details [...Read More]

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Published on 2019/02/12 @00:01:00 by vigilante sculpting

Been on vacation for a week, slowly starting the project back up. WIP on the Fire Raptor pilot As usual, more updates and images at [...Read More]

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Finished pilot

Published on 2019/02/19 @00:26:00 by vigilante sculpting

Here is the finished space marine pilot sculpt: I'll be making a mold from him, then casting him to get the two gunners for the [...Read More]

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Fire raptor interior

Published on 2019/02/21 @11:11:00 by vigilante sculpting

Here is a shot of the finished interior of the Fire Raptor, looking from the open rear hatch. The top hatch is open, letting in [...Read More]

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The Emperor's new clones

Published on 2019/02/21 @11:14:00 by vigilante sculpting

Guerilla casting with silicone caulk These will be the ball turret gunners, so they don't have to be super purty. The pilot will be cast [...Read More]

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Thompson & Thomson

Published on 2019/02/27 @10:15:00 by vigilante sculpting

WIP painting of the two ballturret gunners. They are essentially 35mm busts, so pretty fun to paint. The ballturrets themselves are coming along too: As [...Read More]

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Published on 2019/03/06 @15:00:00 by vigilante sculpting

The Raptor has some cannons coming: Also, a new canopy, some landing gear, engine and the ball turret gunners are done: More pictures and wip [...Read More]

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Fire Raptor wip

Published on 2019/03/08 @16:24:00 by vigilante sculpting

WIP shot of the Fire Raptor: More photos and wip info at the buildlog [...Read More]

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Published on 2019/03/13 @10:44:00 by vigilante sculpting

VTOL turbines for the Fire Raptor wingtips: A couple more pictures available at the build log [...Read More]

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Engine intakes

Published on 2019/03/14 @13:23:00 by vigilante sculpting

The engine intakes on the Fire Raptor take shape: They were designed from scratch in openSCAD , and look a bit nicer than the ones [...Read More]

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Engine exhausts

Published on 2019/03/19 @14:39:00 by vigilante sculpting

Nothing better than a greeblied engine The only thing it needs now is more greeblies. More photos here . [...Read More]

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Adding open engine detail

Published on 2019/04/17 @14:57:00 by vigilante sculpting

It's been a busy couple of weeks; family, work and tax season got in the way. Finally started back up on the Raptor, adding some [...Read More]

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Small aquilla

Published on 2019/05/06 @11:04:00 by vigilante sculpting

Small aquilla for the Fire Raptor There are three of these needed, so I made the master (left), then a mold (right), and then pressed [...Read More]

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Published on 2019/05/08 @16:17:00 by vigilante sculpting

The pilot, made from a cast of the gunner mold, with the arms chopped and re-glued, and pelvis structure added. As before, there are a [...Read More]

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Published on 2019/05/14 @14:23:00 by vigilante sculpting

Construction is complete, the only thing missing is the mounting bracket for the flyer base on the bottom. The acrylic rod I ordered arrived today, [...Read More]

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Primed raptor

Published on 2019/06/10 @17:07:00 by vigilante sculpting

The raptor being primed: Glued together a flying base from acrylic rod: More photos at coolminiornot [...Read More]

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Fire Raptor base-coat and preshading

Published on 2019/07/08 @00:01:00 by vigilante sculpting

Started on the base-coat and preshading of the Fire Raptor. More photos at the buildlog . Next steps would be the engine parts, weathering and [...Read More]

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Paint chips

Published on 2019/07/10 @00:21:00 by vigilante sculpting

Chipping, chipping away at the Fire Raptor. Right upper wing done. More photos & verbose explanations here [...Read More]

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Ball turrets wip

Published on 2019/08/11 @14:05:00 by vigilante sculpting

The ball turrets on the Fire Raptor, taking shape. [...Read More]

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Scorched barrels and dirty engines

Published on 2019/08/12 @11:47:00 by vigilante sculpting

More Fire Raptor work: Scorched barrels on the turrets Engines taking shape: Posed with the model Ball turret, posed with the model [...Read More]

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Weathering the underside

Published on 2020/01/14 @10:35:00 by vigilante sculpting

After a loooong procrastination, I finally started weathering the underside of the bird. Lots of sponge work, lots of little nicks and scratches. I figure [...Read More]

Fiddly bits

Published on 2020/01/16 @10:38:00 by vigilante sculpting

Doing all the fiddly bits before I seal it up and do some freehand work. This includes the cables on the outside & the lenses [...Read More]

Fire Raptor progress

Published on 2020/01/28 @14:19:00 by vigilante sculpting

Back on the fire raptor again, and making small bits of progress. [...Read More]

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Ball turrets

Published on 2020/01/28 @14:20:00 by vigilante sculpting

I finished the ball turrets last night, the last pieces were the sensor lenses above the gun barrels. So the last bits are now all [...Read More]

Raven freehand prep

Published on 2020/01/29 @12:46:00 by vigilante sculpting

I started preparing everything last night, starting with a cutout mask to use as a guide on the bird itself. Using the mask I drew [...Read More]

Raven freehand

Published on 2020/01/31 @15:09:00 by vigilante sculpting

Started working on the raven freehand that goes on top of the Fire Raptor: [...Read More]

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Raven freehand done!

Published on 2020/02/02 @10:10:00 by vigilante sculpting

Finished up the freehand raven last night. Pretty happy with it! The last two pics show the ripped-off bandaids masking fluid. These leave the weathering [...Read More]


Published on 2020/02/04 @10:16:00 by vigilante sculpting

Last night I finished the racing stripes with the Bloodraven chapter symbols on the sides. They are freehand, I've done a quick SBS for how [...Read More]

9th Company

Published on 2020/02/06 @16:30:00 by vigilante sculpting

Did another bit of freehand last night: the 9th company marking. This is located in a fairly un-weathered location (especially the one on starboard) so [...Read More]

Fire Raptor Done!

Published on 2020/02/12 @10:56:00 by vigilante sculpting

The Fire Raptor is now DONE. I took some shots last night, but my phone camera is somehow mucked up so the left half of [...Read More]


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