Spinner WIP

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I've been taking apart a bunch of hotwheels over the last couple of months. So I had a bunch of leftover parts, mostly because I replace or completely omit windshields from a lot of builds. Specifically a windshield from a GT Hunter and a car interior from a Carbonic.

(The GT Hunter is part of another build, but that's for another post)

Putting these two together makes for a very futuristic looking cockpit, and I got the idea to convert this into a BladeRunner spinner.

Lots of little plasticard snippets later...

There is a bit of greenstuff added to break the panels up. I wanted to smooth this out completely, but then realised that the "lumpy" greenstuff form panels on the surface, and actually looks pretty good (especially once primed).

The taillights from the Carbonic also form a very nice rear end for the spinner, with some vents on the very back.

The front end of the spinner is made up of two beads

Also the back hidden wheel is made with another bead.