Wheels n' hubs

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A small update on the wheels/tracks/chasis of the Stormblade: because I want movable tracks, I have created lots of small problems to solve :)The first is how to keep the side sponsons accessible without compromising the strength and rigidity of the chasis. So I am opting for a semi-open approach, with some internal supports which will also act as track guides inside the sponsons. The round interior supports will have a gap in the middle so that the "tooth" of the tracks can run over them smoothly.

Before I seal this up, I'll have to give it a black coat.

Next up, the tracks masters are done and ready to be molded:

Lastly, I made an initial cast of the wheels & hub. The hub fits both wheels, so I will need a total of 8 large wheels, 32 small wheels and (at least) 20 hubs:

But before I make the final mold, I have to make sure the wheels are(a) symmetrical (ie. round), and(b) have the central hole for the axel cut out.

To solve this in one step, I used my homemade rotary tool to drill out the central hole, and then mount each wheel template on the tool and use it as a type of lathe with some sandpaperwhile the wheel is spinning.

Here is the result: nicely smooth and symmetrical wheels + hub, ready to for a final mold