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Published on 23/03/2021 @12:24:00 by vigilante sculpting

We've been away for a week, getting out of the city and clearing our heads, so I haven't been hobbying too much. However, I started on something that has been in the back of my head for quite a while now, after @Rowwwsdower asked me whether the tracks on my scratchbuilt Sabre Strik tank actually moved.

So here are some tracks I am building for a scratchbuild Stormblade. As usual, I am using a Patoroch template, which I am *cough* modifying. I've made 8 tracks, and once I attach the links to them I will make a mold and cast the required number of tracks from there, in resin. I plan to drill out the links, and link them up with wire, so that I can have a fully rotating track tread set.

Along the way, I of course need a way to make straight cuts into plastic tubing, so I had to yak shave a chopper tool together :)

In order to make the wheels movable (in the original template, they are simply glued on), I had to think about the track housing interiors, and how to make them accessible but also keep everything fairly rigid. I also need as much space inside the hull as I can get, in case I want to add, you know, *motors*.

So I redesigned the hull layout, and cut holes into the front and rear of the track housings where the tracks will enter and exit, and also added some re-inforcing struts that go through the hull. I am building almost everything from index card glued onto cereal box, since this gives me a 1mm thick building material that is still easy enough to cut, yet rigid enough after I apply some wood hardener.

Next up, I need to make wheels. The wheels need to run on axels, and they need enough clearance so that the tracks can pass underneath them. So I designed a center strut for each track housing, which will hold the axel for each wheel. Each wheel has two tires, and there are two sizes of tires. To make my life easier, I designed the two sets of wheels so that they have the same style of hub, and built a designed and built a template for each of them. I now need to make a mold and cast them.

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