Vanilla Joe, first cast

Published on 21/02/2021 @15:06:00 by vigilante sculpting

In the meantime, I've managed put the pieces into mold boxes and make some molds. The first cast looks good, except for one spot on his left elbow - which will need a new mold to fix I think, we'll see.

Here's the first cast without any cleanup. I'm using a cut mold, after watching a lot of Robert Talone's videos on YT, and this is now my preferred method. A lot less work than a two-piece mold, with better (or no!) mold lines + flash, and I have the chance to make round molds, which seal better with rubber bands than box molds. The setup takes a bit more thinking though, because I have to plan the cut and pretty much go in blindly with the knife and try not to ruin it…

Cast in the left, original on the right:

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