More reflections

Published on 29/09/2020 @12:24:00 by vigilante sculpting

This is still very much wip. The chrome reflections need smoothing out, I need to add some bursts of white reflections, and the girl needs a lot of work still.

I am not sure about the bottom (brown) part of the diorama, I might smooth it out and leave it black. Also, I am considering turhing her head in the other direction. This might mean resculpting the neck and the hands, but so far I am having trouble finding the best orientation for her wrt the background, to illustrate the hovering bike effect. I feel like the shot from her right looks best, but then she is facing away from the viewer…

Some of the images are a bit wonky: I was using macro mode on my phone to take some of the shots (faster focal distance dropoff) but there seems to be some interference between the LED lights and this mode…

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