Sabre Strike update

Published on 25/03/2020 @13:06:00 by vigilante sculpting

I've been off painting & modeling for a bit: we have an annual international trade show every April, and work starts to get fairly rough with deadlines this time of year, which meant that for the last couple of weeks I had to work long hours. Of course, this has all been cancelled now, and along with schools closing and the general stay-at-home thing I've been spending a lot of time with my wife & kids.

Here are some updates though: the Sabre Strike tank is finished and primed, and looking very cute next to my Land Raider. Still have to figure out the paint job I want to put on it; it will be a Blood Raven scheme, even though this is a 30k model - let's just say the Ravens procured it from… someone else. As they are known to do :)

Here is the finished model. You can see the various bits of plastic tubing, electrical wire, drink straws, etc. amongst the paper/card construction

Here it is next to my Land Raider, for scale:

And here is the primed unit.

Thanks for stopping by, and please stay healthy & safe!

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