Garage dread: chipping and insignia

Published on 12/09/2019 @09:57:00 by vigilante sculpting

Slapped some chipping and insignia on the garage dread.

Basically, the same process as the Raptor's chipping, but I went a step further and added chipped insignia too. This was done by fully painting the insignia, then etching out parts with the basecoat it was painted on.

So far I have a raven on the right shoulder, close support designation on the left, and an aquilla and skull on the shin guards. I love how the raven and aquilla came out. The close support is cool. Not sure about the skull, but I can still fix it up.

He is joined by a test marine, also chipped. I didn't chip the marine's insignia, I want him to look fresher.

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