Garage Dreadnought

Published on 24/09/2019 @12:30:00 by vigilante sculpting

This started off as a scratchbuilt papermodel dreadnought, from which I made a garage-style silicone caulk mold, and cast in resin.

It is in the typical wh40k 28mm scale, standing about 50mm tall. It is an 11 part mold.

Everything, including the base, is scratchbuilt. I painted it up in a grimy dark Bloodraven color scheme.

Step by step (Steps 1 thru 19 of 19)

These are the posts I made during the making of this project, in chronological order


Mixed-media Patoroch Dreadnought

Published on 2018/10/12 @00:04:00 by vigilante sculpting

Since my Land Raider has a lot of staring-at-the-walls-waiting-for-the-paint-to-dry going on, I decided to start working on another of Eli Patoroch's models: the Dreadnought. This [...Read More]

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Published on 2018/10/24 @11:38:00 by vigilante sculpting

I've gone and compared my model with photos of the official Dreadnought, and realized that the body was not quite in proportion to what it [...Read More]

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Dread progress

Published on 2018/10/25 @09:31:00 by vigilante sculpting

Here is some progress on the weapons. The multi-barrel auto-cannon needs rework (I don't like the look of the toothpicks, I will roll barrels out [...Read More]

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Some more progress

Published on 2018/10/30 @12:27:00 by vigilante sculpting

A bit more progress on the body: panels, rivets, etc. I am using some green stuff (putty) to fill in some deeper holes. There is [...Read More]

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Not the dreadnought you're looking for

Published on 2018/10/30 @17:28:00 by vigilante sculpting

Nothing to see here, move along. [...Read More]

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Rivets & Surgery

Published on 2018/11/01 @11:59:00 by vigilante sculpting

More rivets, and some surgery for the next steps. I think this build will have a *lot* of mixed media in it, so it might [...Read More]

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Bulking out

Published on 2018/11/02 @15:02:00 by vigilante sculpting

Some more progress: bulking out the… bulkheads? The body fits together nicely. Adding more detail to the feet. [...Read More]

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Prime, bake & mold

Published on 2018/11/05 @12:09:00 by vigilante sculpting

So here is the primed body of the dreadnought - it looks a tad cleaner this way I did this last night, then took the [...Read More]

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Power fist

Published on 2018/11/06 @10:47:00 by vigilante sculpting

The mold is complete, so I removed the parts from it. They only suffered minimal damage, nothing a bit of CA couldn't fix. Started building [...Read More]

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Molding & Casting

Published on 2018/12/05 @14:35:00 by vigilante sculpting

Here is the progress I've made in making molds and casting resin parts for this figure. Minus the left hand - this gave me a [...Read More]

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Dreadnought proto clone

Published on 2018/12/05 @22:22:00 by vigilante sculpting

Finally, I've got all the molds together to cast one of these: The hand took the longest to properly mold. Because I am using caulking [...Read More]

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Primed and gap-filled dready

Published on 2018/12/11 @10:36:00 by vigilante sculpting

A coat of gray primer showed up a fair amount of tiny bubbles on the surface of the parts, again more so toward the parts [...Read More]

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Weekend basing

Published on 2018/12/17 @13:26:00 by vigilante sculpting

Spent the weekend basing the couple of models I have made: The dready also got a base: All primed and ready to go: Looks like [...Read More]

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Garage dread wip

Published on 2019/09/11 @10:43:00 by vigilante sculpting

He is getting the rough and ready treatment. Needs some insignias and then a ton of weathering. Because of the rough cast, with visible bubbles [...Read More]

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Garage dread: chipping and insignia

Published on 2019/09/12 @09:57:00 by vigilante sculpting

Slapped some chipping and insignia on the garage dread. Basically, the same process as the Raptor's chipping, but I went a step further and added [...Read More]

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Freehand raven

Published on 2019/09/13 @11:36:00 by vigilante sculpting

On the chassis of the garage dread: It's covered in gloss coat, so I can add some oil-based weathering. [...Read More]

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Purity seal

Published on 2019/09/16 @10:13:00 by vigilante sculpting

Broke the purity seal on the garage dread's shoulder a while back. Here is a new one: I might write up a post about how [...Read More]

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Garage base

Published on 2019/09/20 @10:54:00 by vigilante sculpting

The garage dread got a garage base Needs some serious matt varnish to knock the shine off it, but otherwise it's almost done! More wip [...Read More]

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Finished dreadnought!

Published on 2019/09/24 @12:25:00 by vigilante sculpting

Finally, done with the dreadnought. It has been a fun ride. Please go vote for him on coolminiornot putty&paint or, give him a like on [...Read More]

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