These are some articles about tips & tricks related to the hobby that I've come up with.

DIY Tentacle roller, take 2

Published on 2020/10/29 @10:13:00 by vigilante sculpting

Previously I made a tentacle roller out of those novelty lenticular cards that you get from souvenir shops. This makes for some great tentacles, but [...Read More]

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DIY Foam cutter

Published on 2019/10/08 @11:58:00 by vigilante sculpting

Or, how to shave a yak. I built a basic foam cutter table over the past weeks. The cutter table measures 15" x 10", and [...Read More]

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Cheap DIY cable / tentacle roller

Published on 2019/08/30 @11:05:00 by vigilante sculpting

I've been looking at the Roll Maker Set from Green Stuff World for a while, thinking that this is one tool I should buy instead [...Read More]

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Papermodelling principles

Published on 2019/07/02 @10:03:00 by vigilante sculpting

I was recently invited by Saint Toad to write an article on my approach to papermodelling and crafting, for his blog over at Toad Chapel [...Read More]

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$10 DIY LED light box prototype

Published on 2018/12/18 @23:14:00 by vigilante sculpting

Over at there are some sculptors who produce pretty amazing work. People like Patrick "The Small" Masson , Gautier "Graphigaut" Giroud and Luc "Thantor" [...Read More]

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10 easy steps to dirt cheap mold making

Published on 2018/11/16 @13:39:00 by vigilante sculpting

or how I've learned to (ab)use caulking silicone through trial and error This is a method I use for molding and casting small items that [...Read More]

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